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We are committed to your overall success.

P4 Sports Agency’s number one commitment is for the overall success of our clients. From the beginning of our relationship, the agency is focused on ensuring that we develop strategic approaches and plans that will maximize the long-term future of the clients we work for.

Our team

P4 Sports Agency - Chris Lambiris


Chris Lambiris

NFLPA / CFLPA Certified Agent  

Chris is a NFLPA & CFLPA certified player agent with over 18 years of experience as a player, coach, scout, and sports management advisor. Chris graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Master of Business Administration and spent his undergrad studying at the University of Saskatchewan where he played defensive back and also held coaching roles as a defensive assistant and recruiting coordinator.

More About Chris Lambiris

In addition to his role as a player agent, Chris is also an active wealth advisor and investment manager, providing financial literacy and planning to professional athletes for the past decade, including former Stanley Cup winners. He currently holds the Certified Financial Planner designation amongst other securities industry licenses.

Chris is married to Nicole, a practicing lawyer in Saskatchewan and they have two children named Isla and Kingston.


Contract Negotiation

P4 Sports Agency delivers successful employment contracts for our clients. Our commitment is to ensure our clients receive the absolute maximum amount of salary under the cap from their respective Football club. Our Agents have successfully negotiated contracts and we continue to excel in the art of negotiation for the betterment of our clients’ careers.

NFL Draft Preparation

Our firm is dedicated to informing our clients as much as we can when it comes to their careers. We are constantly educating our clients on current scouting reports, identifying areas of opportunities, and potential areas of improvement. We are in the business of communication and our clients are always number one in respect to any information we may know about them. We prepare our clients for: All-Star Games, Combines, Pro Day, Draft Day, and Mini-Camps.

Career & Post Career Management

Our clients are in great hands. As a full service Agency, we support our clients through the day to day of business life, ensuring they make strong decisions. We give our clients a serious overview of the importance of bookkeeping, tax planning and financial strategies. Our management services include: Injury protocol, Physician consulting, Financial planning, Legal consulting, New city relocation, Insurance, Charitable & foundation practices, and Football camps. No stone is left unturned. Similarly, it is our responsibility to set our clients up for life. Our post-career management services position our clients for life after Football, ensuring that all strategies are laid out, planned, and executed. Football will eventually end, our clients path to success should be continous.

Endorsements & Marketing

P4 Sports Agency is second to none when it comes to our ability to market a client. Backed by a powerful marketing department comprised of marketing executives in the field of brand management, digital and brand strategy, our clients receive the very best in endorsement opportunities. Today’s athlete is not what they used to be. Athletes are brands and should be treated as such, with dedicated marketing and communication strategies. It is not enough to just play the game now, what the athlete does off the field is just as important. As experts in this respect, the results speak for themselves.